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eBrand Services offers guidance

  • Entrepreneurs: understand how your industry competitors are embracing the new generation of domains and creating increasingly robust online portals to connect with target audiences. … Read More
  • Communication and Marketing Specialists: domain names are about to become more unique and more concise, and this development will be a game-changer for online marketing and communication. … Read More
  • Lawyers: utilize the Nice Classification system (NCL) to categorize all new gTLDs. … Read More
  • Domain Managers: complement your current strategy (be it ccTLD or gTLD) by understanding where your business fits in the future environment of domain names. … Read More
  • Government officials: assess the impact of new top-level domains on the digital economy of regulated industries (finance, insurance, architects etc.); … Read More

Ten Reasons Why the New gTLDs are Important

From numerous meetings with clients and prospects it appears that mostly companies specialized in online services fathom the importance of the new gTLD launch and its consequences for their business. Indeed, most brand owners seem to lack concrete information as to what is at stake for them.

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Trademark Clearinghouse: a Must

The Trademark Clearinghouse facilitates the protection of trademark rights in new gTLDs. All new gTLD registries will be required to use Clearinghouse data to ensure that a set of mandatory trademark rights protection mechanisms are implemented during a TLD’s startup periods.

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